Skills Course

Introduction to Labour Law

Managers do not have to be experts in labour law, but should have a good working knowledge
and understanding of labour law and workplace policies in so far as they pertain to the
daily management of staff and operations, including (but not limited to) the following:

· Corrective action when needed to minimise misconduct in the workplace
· Implementing discipline in a fair, non-emotive, professional, and consistent manner
· Managing employee performance (good or bad) to meet the objectives of the organisation

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The course has eight (8) modules including a “Test your knowledge” assessment at the end of each module:

Module 1: The sources of labour law
Module 2: The main employment (and related) law statutes of South Africa
Module 3: Recruitment
Module 4: The employment contract
Module 5: Terms and conditions of employment
Module 6: Performance management
Module 7: Termination of the contract of employment
Module 8: Complaints and grievances

At the end of this course learners will have a better understanding of:

The sources of South African labour law, fair labour practise, and the recruitment process

The binding nature of the employment contract, the minimum prescribed particulars and types of employment contracts, and the terms and conditions of employment
The objectives of performance management and the performance management cycle
Legal reasons for dismissals such as misconduct, incapacity, and operational reasons (retrenchments)

The course has been designed especially for HR practitioners, line managers, supervisors and team leaders.

The course includes a final assessment test as follows:

Creative design·

Multiple choice questions (x25)

Creative design

Pass mark 70%

Creative design

Learners have unlimited attempts

Creative design
A certificate issued upon passing the assessment

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