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We are a supplier of administrative services to donor-funded, academic and healthcare organisations in Africa. What sets us apart is the knowledge and experience that we have gained from supporting more than 50 research entities within the faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Witwatersrand over the past 20-years. We leverage the expertise and experience that our staff have acquired to deliver services to our external clients, freeing them from the burden of time-consuming administrative tasks. 

A Partner That Understands

The more we know about our client, the better the service we provide. This is why our first priority is always to learn about our clients' organisations, to engage with them to clearly understand the details and the dynamics.

The Best Team

Our team of Human Resources and Information Technology professionals have decades of experience servicing organisations in the donor-funded, academic and healthcare sectors. Our team is skilled, hands-on and passionate about delivering the very best service to our clients.

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Excellent Service

Our approach to delivering service excellence is to consistently meet our clients' expectations. We believe that through the  combination of  skills, experience and personal professional pride, we can even exceed our clients' expectations.

Understanding What You Do  Makes Us Better

Where does                            "ThirdStream" Come From?

The term “Third Stream” describes the trend among universities towards a third function which is the transfer of knowledge and services to a broader community. If the First Stream is academia and the Second Stream is the commercial world, then the Third Stream is the space in between.  

Why You Should Choose  ThirdStream

We have set specific rates for the specific services that we provide. This allows our clients to select and pay for only the specific services that they want. So, if it is a single once-off project or a recurring multi-task service that they need, our clients can see the rate charged for each individual service deliverable on their quotations.

Our itemised billing approach allows our clients to pay only for the specific services that they require, with no surprises.

Why You Should Choose  ThirdStream

Through decades of experience we have come to appreciate that organisations operating in the donor-funded and academic space are uniquely different from those in the mainstream corporate world. So, we have adapted our skill sets to be able to provide the best service within these environments.  

We provide the best service because we have the best understanding of your unique environment.

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