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Communication Skills

Effective communication is a basic requirement for the achievement of organisational goals.
Where there is effective communication, people experience fewer misunderstandings, employee
morale is better, strategy is clear to all, and each person understands where they fit in.

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The course has five (5) modules including a “Test your knowledge” assessment at the end of each module:

Module 1: The communication process
Module 2: Consequences of poor communication
Module 3: Barriers to communication
Module 4: Strategies to improve communication skills
Module 5: Building workplace relationships

At the end of this course learners will have a better understanding of:

The communication process

The difference between direct and indirect communication
Attitudes towards communication
Asking questions, probing for information by using paraphrasing techniques
Building relationships to create and authentic communication experience

The course has been designed especially for individuals who are client facing, provide customer service, lead teams, or regularly engage in interactions where effective communication is required.

The course includes a final assessment test as follows:

Creative design·

Multiple choice questions (x25)

Creative design

Pass mark 70%

Creative design

Learners have unlimited attempts

Creative design
A certificate issued upon passing the assessment

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