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Skills Course

Self-Management Skills

Self-management refers to a combination of different behaviours that focus on how people manage
themselves in their work and personal life. There are several skills linked to effective self-management,
such as taking responsibility, displaying initiative, remaining resilient, acting assertively, managing
time optimally and being flexible. A good understanding of self is critical for identifying areas of focus and development.

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The course has six (6) modules including a “Test your knowledge” assessment at the end of each module:

Module 1: What is self-management?
Module 2: Developing self-awareness
Module 3: Changing the way you think
Module 4: Setting goals
Module 5: Prioritising
Module 6: Creating a personal development plan

At the end of this course learners will have a better understanding of:

Self-management and what it means on an individual level

The role of motivation in self-management
Awareness of own strengths, development areas, preferences, and values
Techniques for the maintenance and development of self-management
 The importance of goal setting
 Creating a personal development plan and steps required to enhance wellbeing

The course has been designed especially for people who want to become self-aware, identify and build on strengths and development areas, and internalise the pillars of self-management to make meaningful choices and take ownership of their decisions.

The course includes a final assessment test as follows:

Creative design·

Multiple choice questions (x25)

Creative design

Pass mark 70%

Creative design

Learners have unlimited attempts

Creative design
A certificate issued upon passing the assessment

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