Accessibility, a commitment to service excellence and quick turnaround times are just some of the traits that have established us as a trusted, reputable and value-adding partner to our clients. Our aim is to ensure that all aspects of Human Resources Management feed into the goals and performance targets of an organisation, delivering greater efficiency and productivity.

  • Experienced

    Specialists in donor funded environments.

  • Skilled

    Highly professional, qualified & effective.

  • Accurate

    Backed by technology, systems & processes.

  • Efficient

    Quick, accurate delivery of services that you need.

 Hire The Best People         When You Need Them

We specialise in bulk recruitment and have successfully managed more than 350 positions on more than one project with an average of 45 days to fill each position.

We are able to manage the full recruitment function or part thereof. Our services include drafting of adverts, advertisement response handling, screening of applications, formulating interview guides, arranging and facilitating interviews and compiling shortlists. We are fully equipped to support once-off and project hiring. We can manage seasonal requirements, specific projects and once-off events, as well as full-time employment needs.

Our service is scalable and flexible, which means no more overflow to recruitment agencies and short-term recruitment contractors.

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Get Your Staff Up-To-Speed          Quickly & Efficiently.

We design and facilitate programmes that enable new employees to get a solid understanding of their company and what is expected of them.

We act as frontline ambassadors and the first port of call for new employees joining an organisation. Together with the line managers, we make sure that new employees are welcomed, attend induction sessions and achieve their required milestones within the first few months of joining. We use technology such as online induction videos to reduce the disruption and costs of induction to our clients.

Employee Relations

We adhere to legislation and comply with prevailing labour law and employment regulations. We provide advice, policies, templates and procedures to ensure compliance, employment equity and fairness in the workplace. Our policies and employment-related documents are benchmarked and updated on a regular basis. Our directory of human resources policies and procedures keeps our clients updated with the latest legislation.

Our employee relations management services include conflict resolution, operational requirements, chairing of hearings (Disciplinary, Appeal and Performance), grievance solutions and CCMA representation (Conciliation and Arbitration).

Performance Management

Our performance management services and user-friendly tool aim to save time and motivate employees. Our services include performance planning and agreement, performance monitoring, review and control, performance appraisal and moderating and the management of performance appraisal outcomes.

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We conduct needs assessments, design and implement comprehensive human resource-related training programmes in Performance Management, Employee Relations, Behavioural Skills, Management Development, Clinical Research and Grant Management. Our training facilitators are skilled in providing on-site and online training as required. We also manage training submissions (WSP and ATR) to SETA on behalf of our clients.

Get The Best Performance From Your Team

 We Pay Your Staff On Time           Every Time

Our secure online payroll solution can be tailored to specific needs. We work strictly according to service level agreements and formalised authorisation processes to ensure that our payroll payments are never late and that all payments are compliant with the relevant statutory and tax regulations.

We offer all-inclusive payroll services, including data preparation, pay slips, legal compliance UIF and tax filing, statutory reporting and third-party payments.

Our payroll payments are always compliant and never late.

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Keep Track Of Your Staff                  Easily Accurately

We administer a range of benefits including medical insurance, pension and provident fund investments and can process legal garnishee orders when required.

Our Human Resources Administration System, which is accessible to our clients online online through a secure password-controlled portal, enables us to manage employee leave applications and personal information. We also track and report on ER incidents, absenteeism, leave patterns and other related factors.


Our services include contracts of employment, human resources reports, development of job profiles, HR audits and ad-hoc administrative functions. We have a full library of customised forms that meet all human resource administration requirements.


We provide advice on all issues relating to human capital management such as restructuring, dispute handling, litigation, performance management, dismissals and policy related queries. Our services cover advice on compensation and benefits, HR information systems, digital transformation and artificial intelligence systems.

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Special Projects

We can provide tailor-made special projects according to specific client needs. Some examples of special projects provided include restructures & transfers, candidate assessments (competency & psychometric), talent management (talent mapping & talent programme development, organisational development (job profiling & organogram development).

 We Customise & Deliver          To Your Specific Needs