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Business Writing Skills

Through technology everyone in the workplace has become a writer and writing is a highly visible skill. Most organisations produce an increasing amount of written communication in the form of emails, reports, proposals, and websites. When you send an email or other written communication, it is out there for people to see, so the communication must be clear, concise, and easy to digest. Good business writing saves time and money. It prevents mistakes and helps solve problems. It bridges time zones and culture gaps, connecting people.

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The course has five (5) modules including a “Test your knowledge” assessment at the end of each module:

Module 1: The golden rules of business communication
Module 2: Common problems in business writing
Module 3: Email etiquette and format
Module 4: The format of a letter and memorandum
Module 5: The format of a report

At the end of this course learners will have a better understanding of:

 The value of good written communication

The proper format for memos, letters, reports, and emails
Email etiquette
The importance of spelling, proofreading, and use of proper grammar
 The use of practical language

The course has been designed for individuals and teams who would like to refine or improve their business writing skills.

The course includes a final assessment test as follows:

Creative design·

Multiple choice questions (x25)

Creative design

Pass mark 70%

Creative design

Learners have unlimited attempts

Creative design
A certificate issued upon passing the assessment

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