Keep Your Network                Secure

We ensure that your network is safe and secure by providing managed firewall, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and anti-viral services. We provide you with comprehensive managed security, disaster recovery, authentication and secure storage services.

We will help you to stay one-step ahead of the next wave of viruses, malware, and other online threats.

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Managed Hardware

We provide integrated information security solutions and support to keep you ahead of the next wave of viruses, malware, phishing and other online threats. Our network security protects servers, databases, and data centers. Our cloud security protects public, private, or hybrid cloud technologies.

Private Cloud Storage

Our cloud services provide cost-effective and flexible alternatives to locally-implemented storage hardware. But cloud storage exposes confidential files and sensitive data to new risks which are not safeguarded against in the cloud.

Our private cloud storage gives you the flexibility and efficiency of Internet storage, plus private network security .

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Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery plan before a disaster happens helps you to recover with minimal loss. We consider potential threats to your organisation, assess the likely impact & develop a plan. Our service includes the implementation, testing, monitoring and maintenance of your disaster recovery plan.

Stay Ahead Of Viruses &  Online Threats

 Join The Cloud Evolution

Our infrastructure provides access to cloud services from anywhere, enabling you to connect and to collaborate through the Internet. Our service enables you to share, edit, and publish documents through through a connected system on the cloud, improving communication and everyday organisational processes.

Our cloud services deliver convenience, scalability, security and anytime anywhere access, at lower costs.

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 No more password retrieval       Headaches

Use seamless single sign-on passwords for on-premise and cloud-based applications. Spend less time retrieving passwords by completing self-service password management tasks in the cloud. Active Directory acts as a single repository for all user and computer related information, making user management easier.

On-premises passwords are never stored in the cloud. Pass-through authentication integrates with Azure AD’s cloud protection capabilities to enable a highly secure sign-in experience.

Voice Services

Our voice services deliver greater accessibility, reliability and ease of use, improving the the quality of communication. We know that organisations are uniquely different, so require customized solutions. That is why we offer a free voice infrastructure audit to new clients before helping them to improve their voice systems and reducing their monthly telephone costs.

Public Private Hybrid Voice Services

You may provision our cloud services on an "on-demand" basis, using them when needed, and shutting them down when not required. Our clients typically subscribe to our cloud services on a monthly basis, thereby avoiding network infrastructure costs, maintenance costs and long-term software licensing costs.

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With MPLS VPN you decide which network traffic needs the fastest delivery so that it automatically gets the most bandwidth. With MPLS VPN, you’re able to communicate quickly and securely between different sites & networks. This means that critical applications such as voice or video can take priority over data. MPLS also allows you to control network traffic routing between remote locations, improving the way you use applications.

 Communicate Anytime   Anywhere


We Build, Monitor & Maintain        Your Network

We build, monitor and maintain the hardware (servers, routers, switches) and software (operating system, firewall) that runs and secures your IT network and the data stored on it. Our managed network services include managed LAN, managed WAN, managed gateway, managed wireless and other automated networks.

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We Support You

At the click of a button our live support help-desk fixes problems immediately. Our remote support technology accesses computers and servers remotely, quickly. We monitor your IT systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week, fixing problems before you even know about them.

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 We Future Proof Your                   IT Infrastructure

We help you to build an IT system that supports you now and in the future. We assess your needs and develop a tailor-made solution to give your organisation a competitive advantage. We offer project management, software development and strategic IT consulting services.

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