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Skills Course

Introduction to Project Management Skills

Project Management has been defined as “the application of knowledge, skills,
tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements”. Project
management is an essential skill in most workplaces and projects often fail due
to a lack of effective project management skills.

Individual & group bookings
Available online
2½ days

The course has ten (10) modules including a “Test your knowledge” assessment at the end of each module:

Module 1: The essence of project management
Module 2: The Who, What, Why and Where of a project
Module 3: The project scope
Module 4: Planning (time and resources)
Module 5: Roles and responsibilities
Module 6: Tracking progress
Module 7: Risk and uncertainty
Module 8: Documentation use din project management
Module 9: Working with people on projects
Module 10: Project communication

At the end of this course learners will have a better understanding of:

Basic project management terminology and tools

How to develop a basic project plan in the work environment
How to identify stakeholders, roles, and responsibilities
 How to keep track of the progress of a project

The course has been designed especially for individuals involved in small to medium size projects as a project manager or project support team member.

The course includes a final assessment test as follows:

Creative design·

Multiple choice questions (x25)

Creative design

Pass mark 70%

Creative design

Learners have unlimited attempts

Creative design
A certificate issued upon passing the assessment

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